Sunday, March 27, 2011

Game of life...

People always asked, people always said...
is life a GAME..?
if not,why it play games with us?
it plays with our feelings, our dreams, our hopes, our fantacies, our FUTURE...
so life IS a game...
a game that sometimes we not choose to play..
but it happens anyways...

but we also sometimes play this game..
the game of life..
we play with other people's trust,
other people's feelings..
then, what are we...?

no matter what game we're into..
we never wins..
no matter how hard we've tried..

wanna know WHY...?
because life is not the thing that playing this stupid games..
Its US...!!
we're the one who playing all these games, WE , to ourself, to each other..
WE plays with our feelings, WE play with our hope,our dreams,our FUTURE...

thats WHY we NEVER wins..

but there's one way to win this game,

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