Thursday, December 13, 2012

From the eyes of a BABY and an EXOTic

as MAMA award approaching in just 24 hour ++, the tension arise rapidly.. 
until there is a fan war between BABYz and EXOtics for the Best Rookie Award.. at first i just want to ignores it but after reads almost all the post in Tumblr about both group’s fans, i think it just ridiculous.. 
 how can they say their bias group work harder than the other group..? and how can they said their bias group deserves the award more than the other group..?
as all BAByz know B.A.P made several comebacks in the past 10 months just to make sure that people did not forget them easily.. we as fanz should admire and appreciate their efforts and hard works.. but all the EXOtics also know how much EXO went through before their debut.. how many teasers were out and how many money SM spend for them.. we should consider that too.. 
if we want to say who deserve the award more than who, he have to consider many things.. any group deserve the award, even the other 3 group participating.. 
i love BAP and i also love EXO.. but it crushes me when i went through EXO or BAP tag in Tumblr, there are hundreds of posts saying to vote more for the boys, saying bad things about the group’s fans and many more.. 
recently i read a post in wordpress about BABY and EXOTICS (supposedly) but the writer only write what she didn’t like about what BABYz do.. she commented what BABYz posted in the Internet.. not once she said anything about EXOTICs.. it’s not fair.. she said she’s a BABY and an EXOTics.. but she doesn’t  sound like one in her writing.. 
so to all the BABYZ and EXOTics out there, let us just pray and hope for our fav group..

*i didn’t means to offense anyone…~~ peace~~
*sorry for the late post... heheheh.. i already posted this in my wordpress and decided to post it here too.. (^_^)..
*and eventually none of either group get the rookie award... because MNET trolling all the Babyz and Exotics... LOL... w'o'w 

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